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MACSOR is pleased to present our services in solar energy and solar panels in pittsburgh, we offer you our experience in the design and installation of solar panel systems for homes and businesses as well as in solar panel applications for industries. We offer our experience in solar panels in all the main cities of USA, we also have services and advice on solar heaters in pittsburgh.

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The energy captured from the sunlight that we receive every day after can be converted into electricity by means of receivers commonly called as solar panels, this is a clean energy that produces no pollution and the best part is that it is free energy of Part of the sun, the advantages of having solar panels at home is that they will help reduce your spending on utility bills and you will also be supporting the planet’s ecology.




Let’s start by defining the main elements of a solar panel:

Photovoltaic modules produce electricity by penetrating sunlight on its surface. They are made up of cells (photovoltaic cells) made of silicon, a low cost metal and good semiconductor of electricity.

Since each cell produces a small amount of electricity, they are grouped in series forming solar panels to increase the power generated.

The solar panels require a minimum maintenance and its life time is 30 years. They are designed to generate electrical power in any type of environment, even on cloudy days, catching light that seeps through the clouds.

They have a great resistance to the weather thanks to the layer of tempered glass in the upper part of the cells and a layer of plastic in the inferior part.


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As the electricity produced by the sun, it comes in direct current, it is through a solar inverter that is transformed into alternating current so that it can work in a domestic way.
The city of pittsburgh has an ideal geographical location for the installation of efficient solar systems since it can capture much of the solar energy, that is why we strongly recommend the use of solar energy as an alternative source of supply for homes, businesses And industries that have a high expenditure in the consumption of electrical energy.




  • They are friendly to the environment by not generating pollution with fossil fuels.
  • They do not generate visual or noise pollution.
  • The single and initial investment is recovered and exceeded during the use of the panels.
  • They require minimal and simple maintenance.
  • It is a viable alternative to remote communities that do not have electricity.
  • They continue to generate energy even if the light is not direct.
  • The installation can be done by yourself because it is simple and fast with the right instructions.
  • The generated energy expenditure can be considerably reduced or canceled.
  • You can increase the number of panels installed without installation problems.



The solar panels are formed of several photovoltaic cells or also called photoelectric cells, these are responsible for converting sunlight into electrical energy, this process is called photovoltaic effect.
The cells are made up of a thin layer of some positively charged semiconductor, usually silicon, and another layer, but with a negative charge, which in contact with sunlight are moving the electrons, creating the current of energy.





If you live in pittsburgh and you want to install photovoltaic solar panels pittsburgh for your own consumption in your home or business you first need to choose among which type of photovoltaic system you require:

Autonomous or independent photovoltaic system since it generates all the electrical energy necessary for the house or business through solar panels pittsburgh. It is ideal for rural areas where the regular supply of electricity has no facilities.
Photovoltaic system connected to the grid, this system generates a percentage or the total consumption of electrical energy but is still connected to the  usual electricity grid. If the solar panels generate less energy than is consumed, the usual power grid provides the rest of the energy needed. The solar systems are focused on systems interconnected to the network thanks to our investors that facilitate their installation.


The permits for solar panels in pittsburgh for industrial applications it is likely that you will need it for a large scale project models used for industry or commerce and are granted by the Energy Regulatory Commission that works at your entity.



Large-scale contract models generate more energy, being for industry or commerce and if more photovoltaic energy is generated than needed by the solar panels in pittsburgh, it can be generated and accumulated for use or sale during The following 12 months.

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